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Zé André Figueira is an example of the well known concept of “do it yourself”! He began sewing very young in his old bedroom, in his parent’s house, with a sewing machine that belonged to his family for many years. From that little dream of making clothes personalized for him, Zé André Figueira, began making shirts handmade.

Without any technical knowledge, he bought a few yards of fabric and started sewing by night. After a few shirts made, the rumor of his newly acquired skills began to spread and the dream grew a little bit more: why not try to make a life of such passion? With high amount of courage he developed the brand name, registered it and started selling shirts through Facebook. With the help of his friends and some marketing work, he began selling in Portugal and around Europe.

Shirts were initially handmade, personalized with unique sizes, so each one was a single model. As the concept grew, he felt the need to develop the process on a larger scale. Alone, without any contact from the textile industry, he started searching for the means to his new goal: develop a line of shirts 50’s style. It was a long and hard process, however he managed to find a producer who believed in him and began the first actual collection of Ztomic Shirts: Route 23.

Zé André Figueira knows there will always be a long journey before him. One that he is prepared to face since the first moment he idealized this brand: he will bring his passion for the 50’s to you.








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